About us

Lengericher Klischeeanstalt (LKA for short), a family firm founded in 1983 with its registered office in Lengerich in Germany, welcomes you to its newly designed Internet presence. The pre-press company with a total of 30 employees specialises in the "green market" area and has become established in the sector as a firm with important international connections. Thirty years after its foundation the firm is still managed by members of the family with personal commitment and solid specialist knowledge in the printing and pre-press trade, communication, design and photography.

Production results can be only as good as the qualifications and motivation of the staff. Therefore, we rely on our self-reliant, skilled specialist technicians as the foundation of the competence of our company. LKA fosters and supports its employees, with the aim of increasing product quality and of reducing staff turnover. This is why LKA is proud of the fact that the high quality of our products is ensured by our staff, who have been with us for 15 years. This guarantees the best possible results for your customers.

More than 30 highly qualified, committed employees are there to assist our customers with their professionalism and skills. Service, quality, flexibility and guaranteed short communication channels, a responsible contact person and transparent production processes – together with our customers we live the desire for perfection!

However, it is not just our employees who ensure the highest product quality. We also invest constantly in well-engineered systems, which have been proven in practice and with which we equip ourselves for the increasing challenges of technology, to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology.