Data Exchange

Our repro department receives all current data formats by e-mail, FTP server and ISDN.

You can send us data by uploading on to our FTP server and you can also download data. Access is provided via your web browser or FTP client

Guidelines for problem-free preparation of data are provided below.

We make finished products available to our customers as plano and 3-D illustrations on our customer portal. Your contact partner will send you the access data.

For problem-free further processing we require all the original files from the following DTP programs:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator (retain processing functions,submit compatible files)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.PSD, .EPS, .TIF or compatible formats, if available, .PSD with all levels and effects)

Script fonts: PostScript Typ1, OpenType or converted to paths.


  • ESKO PackEdge.pdf (normalized ESKO 7 / .PAF)
  • ESKO ArtPro.ap

Output collection: Please always send all pictures and illustrations separately.
We also require PDF files for the screen view.

High-End Adobe™ - PDF:

  • PDF only in repro print quality
  • Embed all fonts
  • No low resolutions, no RGB colours, no PDF/X3

Please always keep all images, fonts and illustrations (character paths) separate.
Never convert illustrations into pixels (e.g. save as .JPG).