Packaging is often the customer's first and most frequent contact with a brand. It evokes a whole range of associations and has a direct influence on the customer's buying behaviour.

We see our task as bringing the packaging into harmony with the brand identity. Our packaging design brings brands to life and makes them accessible and attractive. This ranges from their visual impact through the feel of the packaging, to its function. Whether you require film packaging, folding boxes, labels, blister cards, we provide it!


Nowadays advertising and communication use a huge number of channels. A coherent, yet unique appearance across all media therefore plays a central role in recognition value and ultimately, in the success of your company. Whether you use the traditional or the new media, as experienced media designers we accompany your company and your products with skill and state-of-the-art expertise in all design matters from design concept to implementation.

Our services for you:

  • Logo development and design
  • Appearance, corporate design
  • Office equipment
  • Image brochures, flyers, prospectuses, advertisements
  • Vehicle signage, signage, banners
  • Web design, web programming, CMS
  • Image processing, illustrations

We will be happy to give you a personal introduction to our range of services and to analyse together with you your requirements and specifications. Our aim: the optimum result for your individual project.

Media production

Your aim: the perfect print result. Our promise to you: passion, commitment and expert knowledge in processing and finishing your data, plus the use of software conceived specifically for the early stages of packaging, which is ideal for satisfying all the varied demands of packaging production. Whether you need luxurious separations, special trappings, bar codes or have any other print-specific requirements, our experts always have the right professional tool for your specific requirements.

Our constant digital and colour work flow guarantees rapid, problem-free processing of your data. For us, standardisation and flexibility are not contradictory: our automated processes and cutting-edge server technology are our guarantee that we can always find the answer to your specific needs.

Ideas to grab

Even in the development phase for a product we offer you a realistic impression of the subsequent design in the following ways:

  • Colour-accurate proofs of your data simulate the subsequent print result. On request we proof with the same spacing, which will be used in printing.
  • A dummy is ideal, when you need your packaging in advance,e.g. for new launches and presentations. Our dummies are as varied as the substrates and processing possibilities allow.
  • Realistic 3-D digital presentations, which can, for instance, also be forwarded by e-mail to all those involved in the project, allow you to examine the design and packaging.

High-end flexo plates

With our laser system we produce digital flexo plates for all flexographic printing applications and therefore we are able to draw on almost every type of cliché material in our comprehensive stock. Double processing lines guarantee that your orders are completed on time. Our continuous digital printing forme production guarantees the perfect print of your design

Order preparation

Our competent team is pleased at any time to respond quickly to your request for information on packaging, prices and delivery deadlines.

All product data, such as formats, colours, codes etc. are collated in our EDP product master data base. The advantage for you: if you require modifications to subsequent orders, you receive the required production information immediately, without fuss. In addition, we check the print model sent to us for print quality and colour match.